We are Jackson Software.

We create software that solves problems and makes life easier for people. We do this with a passion for keeping things as simple as they possibly can be.

That’s why we say:
“You haven’t seen simple yet, till you’ve seen what we’ve made”

We build our software based on our key principles

1. We create software for people and we are thrilled when people find use in our software. That’s what motivates us, and that is why we do, what we do.
We do ask for a small payment when our software is used in a commercial business. If our software can help businesses become more efficient and thereby saving themselves some money, we think it’s fair to ask.

2. We will not make software that prevents or makes it difficult for the user from switching to another software vendor. We hate vendor lock-in.
Therefore all data that the users generates by using our applications, has to be human readable to the user and easy for other programs to import.

3. The data that the user generates belongs to the user at all times.
The user generated data must always be stored at his or her storage. Local storage or cloud drives, that is up for user to decide.
We’ll keep nothing on our servers.

We are currently building this website. Feel free to look around.