Here we have collected the frequently asked questions regarding our license terms and policies.

If your question is not answered here, you are much welcome to write us an e-mail at

Per-user licensing

Our software licenses are issued per-user. That means you can download and run our software on all the PCs that you use. If you want to our software on your PC at work, your employer must purchase a business license for that purpose. If you are given a license at work, you can use that license at home, but not the other way around.

Home license

A home license is intended for private non-commercial use. A home license is also suitable for non-profit associations.

Business license

Business licenses are intended commercial business who provides a service or sells a product. A private user can buy a business license and use in a private context for the benefits of support or what that has been stated in the license description.

Lifetime license

A lifetime license gives you the rights to run the software forever, for which the license is issued for. You do not have to renew the license at any time.

Updates for product lifetime

When a license includes updates for product lifetime, we really mean it.
You will receive upgrades and updates, as long as the product is active and is being developed and maintained. No fuss about version numbers and anything as such.


When purchasing above 10 licenses, we offer 15% discount on each extra license, unless otherwise mentioned.


You have 30 days to get a total refund.

Extending email support

The email support can be extended at 299 Danish Kroner (USD ►) per. year for the licenses, which includes e-mail support.
Email support can not be extended beyond the point where software updates are provided.

E-mail support

We respond to e-mail within maximum 2 business days.
Our technical support is reached at
Help page for frequently asked questions is right here.

Cancellation of e-mail support

Jackson Software has the rights to cancel e-mail support, if the service is misused.