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A plain text multipurpose notepad with superpowers.
Combining word processing, note-taking, project management and personal task management in an easy-to-use interface.
Enhanced by features like markup, followups, crawl searching, browser-like navigation, change logging and much more.

Plain and simple

JNote does Word processing in plain text

JNote does word processing, but unlike other word processors, JNote handles it in plain text. You can create titles, headlines, lists and much more.

Insert table of contents like you normally do in a word processor.

Create drawings in plain text with plain text characters.

Insert tables and add more rows and columns when you need them.

Tasks made easy

It’s fast and easy to work with task mangement in JNote. Add new tasks and keep them updated in an instant. Shortcuts for starting, adding comments and much more, is right at your fingertips.
With a single keystroke you can even get graphical overview of all your tasks.
It has never been easier to keep track of things.

Note-taking at the next level

Note-taking should be simple and without hassle – just like writing with a pen on a piece of paper. The plain text design makes note-taking a bless in JNote. Just start typing or create a notebook from a template. It’s completely up to you. With the browser-like navigation you simply click around in you notes, just like you navigate the internet.

Fast as lightning

JNote is an ideal tool for people, who needs to get the basic stuff done – and those who want it done as fast as possible.
JNote has been written from the ground up, to make it easy and fast to write documents and documentation, to keep track of things and managing projects without limits and hassle.

Shortcuts makes it easy

We’ve added easy shortcuts for almost everything you can think of, so it’s easy to insert a table of contents, create a title or insert a comment in a task block.

Content freedom

It’s all about plain text. Whatever you do in JNote, you can always open and read in other programs. In Microsoft Word, Notepad or even a command prompt if you like.
In JNote your content is set free and you have complete control of your content.

What people are saying

Technical highlights

  • Text elements markup
  • Tables
  • Bullet lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Table of contents
  • Line sorting
  • Text highlighting
  • Auto indent
  • Crawl search
  • Change logging
  • Browser-like navigation
  • Quick internet search

  • Various of generators
  • Image to ASCII on-the-fly conversion
  • ASCII drawing
  • Built-in templates. Easy to extend.
  • Task and project management
  • Followups
  • Easy change review before saving
  • Jackson Software Updater built-in
  • Wide range of color themes
  • Only 1.6 MB and no installation needed.


We have verified JNote to run smoothly on Windows 10 PC’s with the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.

Getting started

JNote 1.2 is ready for download. Just hit the “Download now” below.

License for JNote

You can run JNote for 30 days before purchasing a license.
Read more about our licensing model and terms right here ►.

When you are ready to purchase, please use our contact form below to get in contact with us.